Words and pictures only tell part of the story, whereas video or animation tells the whole story! Professionally-produced videos or animations leave a lasting impression and position your business, organization, or department as the expert in your field. Video or animation offers many versatile and creative ways to tell your story — the potential is sky-high.

Video or animation allows your key target audiences to consume and process your messages visually, and in less time, than other traditional media including websites, while also entertaining and building trust.
You can employ video or animation to differentiate your business, organization, or department; to take your key target audiences behind-the-scenes; to share testimonials; and much more. You can explain complex concepts clearly and concisely. You can use promotional videos or animations to highlight a specific event or service, you can use animated explainer videos to illustrate the services or products you offer, or you can use live-action videos to create vlogs which give you a face-to-face connection with your key target audiences.
Whether you are a private business, a not-for-profit, or in the public sector, video and animation has a way of reaching people and engaging viewers. It attracts all styles of learners: visual, auditory, and even kinesthetic learners. As a content-marketing medium, video offers endless creativity and potential for moving your key target audiences to action.
Our Creative Toolbox
Our Marcomm Works video and animation creative toolbox offers our clients a range of options, from the simple to the complex. We can shoot short, simple videos using a DSLR; create a more professional production using high-end Canon lenses, lighting packages, teleprompters, sliders, a camera crane, and Ronin stabilizers; or we can even capture aerial footage using a 4K drone. These are just some of the tools in our toolbox! If you prefer a top-end production, we have the tools to produce both live and animated videos using high-end cinema cameras. These cameras shoot in ultra-high definition and deliver films in up to 5K — over six times the resolution of a standard 1080p HD video!
Quick Tips on Video or Animation
  • Keep them short, concise, and on message: only one to two minutes long.
  • Use them to improve search engine optimization on your website.
  • Help your key target audiences connect with you with the most popular media used today!