Social media has become integral to how organizations, including municipalities and other public agencies, interact with their audiences and target markets. If you’re looking to improve your presence, engage more people, and improve your connection with and impact those people, you’re in the right place.

With our social media expertise, you can keep your audiences engaged 24/7 all year long and build relationships of trust. From sharing critical information during a crisis to educating on policies and programs to entertaining people with lighter information, our social media strategies and programs can do it all.

Sources of information and updates: Social media provides your followers with a more timely, first-hand source of information versus traditional news and informational channels. We all know that messages are being delivered and shared with lightning speed. If you don’t have a quality social media program to deliver your message first and fast, your message may be delivered through another source. Or worse yet, another source may create their own interpretation of your issue. We want to work with you to control your messages from the outset and deliver those messages on your own quality social media platforms. One of a good social media program’s most significant and apparent roles is providing timely updates. Everything from events and road closures to upcoming policy changes and breaking news for municipalities.

Another key benefit of a social media program is sharing lighter information easily. Celebrating milestones, sharing success stories, entertaining with engaging content, and other uplifting updates all give your followers something to look forward to beyond news and updates.

Crisis management: Managing crisis communications proactively is a hallmark of any quality crisis communications program. We can help you build a supporting social media crisis communications strategy and process and be ready when you need us to help you through a crisis.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram serve as timelier alternatives to traditional media. They help you develop an engaged and informed set of followers that you can build trust with ongoing. Social media enables you to grow connections with followers that you can impact quickly and with regularity.

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