The power of words to connect and make an impact with your internal and external audiences remains foundational to the human experience. What you say and how you say it are keys to successfully influencing people to believe what you would like them to believe and change their behaviour accordingly. Marcomm Works offer a wide variety of services to connect and impact people, with messages that work.


Your policies and activities impact people, so the way you involve them in planning and decision-making has a major impact on your ability to be successful.
You need an approach that is sensitive to your goals, the needs of engagement participants, and the new realities of how people connect and communicate with each other in groups. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all engage, and we are responding. Our team has ramped up our online engagement techniques through online Zoom meetings and discussions; creative surveys that cannot rely any longer on complementary in-person engagements to bolster conversations; and other techniques like group email boxes.
We are experienced public engagement planners and facilitators having assisted municipalities and other organizations for more than 20 years. We use proven methods to gain effective, unbiased input that informs decisions (planning, coaching, consultation, logistics, communication, facilitation, and reporting back).
Wade Wilson is a member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and holds Certificates in IAP2’s Foundations in Public Participation – Planning for Effective Public Participation and Techniques for Effective Public Participation.


Developing well thought out marketing communications strategic plans and implementing them in an impactful way is a hallmark of what we do at Marcomm Works. We have the expertise, experience and resources to meet any need you may have…an extensive campaign or project, a specific communication or marketing need, issue management, crisis communications….whatever the need we can help. Learn about the benefits of strategic marketing communications.


We offer a wide range of creative services to connect with and impact audiences visually, whether in print, on screen or online. Our more than 20 years of creative experience includes graphic design, website development and maintenance, video, animation, social media and more. We have an extensive team of creative specialists to build your brand and share your messages with the passion and enthusiasm required to deliver effective results.




We are passionate about brand and offer a full package of brand development and management services and products. To succeed in a crowded and noisy marketplace, we believe every individual or group requires a defined personality, brand promise (unique proposition statement), and visual identity. We can help you create or manage an existing brand so that you maximize brand benefits. 




Over the years, Marcomm has conducted dozens of training and strategic planning workshops for governments, for-profit and non-profit organizations. A feature of our interactive training and development is full customization. We have standard workshop and seminar packages, but are happy to modify the content and approach to suit the needs of each client. Learn more about our standard packages.


Social media has become integral to how organizations, including municipalities and other public agencies, interact with their audiences and target markets. If you’re looking to improve your presence, engage more people, and improve your connection with and impact those people, you’re in the right place.
With our social media expertise, you can keep your audiences engaged 24/7 all year long and build relationships of trust. From sharing critical information during a crisis to educating on policies and programs to entertaining people with lighter information, our social media strategies and programs can do it all.