Looking for a creative way to reach new clients?

Video and animation is the easiest way to pre-sell prospective clients on your products and services. It allows potential clients to take in more information in LESS time, plus they’ll be able to see and learn exactly what your business is about.

Why You Need a Video…

88% of all online viewing is video? That’s right! It gets you right in front of buyers.

Websites with videos rank significantly higher in search engines than those with just text.

Videos can spread easily, because it’s so easy to pass along a video; and by doing so, it gets the word out about your business.
Maybe your video will go viral and get shared online by thousands of people!

Explainer Videos

Want your organisation to connect with there audience and encourage people to take action?

A video will make viewers remember who you are. It’s also the perfect medium for sharing your story, as it allows others to instantly feel like they already know you!

We partnered with The Alberta Medical Association’s Physician and Family Support Program and the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta to create this emotive animation, which explains Substance use disorder and how to get help if you are a Physician suffering in silence.

A video or animation is a great tool for educating your potential customers, engaging your audience, and elevating your typical sales pitch.

Most businesses find it difficult to explain exactly what it is they do in a short period of time. The goal of an explainer video is to capture the attention of the viewer for long enough that they learn and retain the information given, which will hopefully result in a purchase.

Check out a few examples of our videos and animations !

If you want to go one step further, and learn more about our video and animation service, inquire today!

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