At Marcomm Works, we are passionate about helping connect and impact people with messages that work. We are also just as passionate about connecting and impacting people by giving back. Whether it’s pitching in for a cause, ladling some soup, building a home, lending a hand, or even just expressing care, we have the heart to give back to help those in need.

Creating Hope to End Poverty in Nicaragua

In October 2017, Marcomm Works’ Wade Wilson and Tina Kingstree were part of a mission team that travelled to Managua, Nicaragua, to help create new hope for those in need. Many donors, including the other members of the Marcomm Works team, gave generously to provide the building supplies and send clothes, toys, healthcare items and more to Nicaraguans stricken by poverty.

New Homes and New Hope

The homes our team built gave two families, living beside a garbage dump in Cristo Rey, new hope. The homes were each built in a day using concrete, clay stones, lumber and sheet metal. These families now have a stable home with a concrete floor, stone walls, and sheet metal roofing, to keep their children dry and out of the mud. Missionaries have now built more than 300 homes in this area over the last several years to give families new hope. For the mission team, the gift in the giving was the pure joy and thankfulness expressed by the families for their new homes.

Bright Paint and Smiling Faces

A day centre was created by a pastor in another impoverished area of Managua, providing struggling families a place to bring their children during the day for food, education, health, and the love of people who care. Volunteers cooked for the children and two shabby-looking kitchens were repainted. The bright new paint applied by the mission team brought smiles to the faces of the volunteers, parents, and children alike. The gift in the giving was the assurance that a healthy environment was available for the children’s meals to be cooked in.

The Gift of Goodwill

Our story then is to not only share how all of us can help change lives by giving back, but to also share how our own lives can change through good deeds. For members of the mission team and donors alike, the experience of giving back to the poor in Nicaragua — no matter how small or how big the gift — left a lasting feeling of goodwill that cannot be measured. The gift was in the giving.